A part of the series Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus (4) and the subject area Art

Today Bayt al-‘Aqqad is one of 23 buildings in old Damascus which come under the UNESCO World Heritage programme, but when the Danish Institute in Damascus took over the house in 1997 it had been derelict for 50 years and was in a very sorry state indeed. In the following years Danish architects and restorers worked together with Syrian colleagues on an admirable restoration of the house. Step by step new aspects turned up, showing that the building was not only a beautiful house with a long history – the house is founded on the Roman theatre of Herod – but also that it contained fine examples of the most important periods in the architectural history of Damascus.

In this lavishly illustrated book, the story of the house and its “resurrection” is told by architects, restorers, archaeologists and historians and it is a must for anybody who has experienced the joy and fascination of Islamic art and architecture.

Edited by:
Peder Mortensen

With contributions by:
Marianne Boqvist, Jan Castella, Jens Damborg, Kjeld von Folsach, Klaus Stefan Freyberger, Claus-Peter Haase, Erik Hoffmeyer, Bente Lange, Astrid Meier, Peder Mortensen, Tom Flemming Nielsen, Jørgen Nordqvist, Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen, Verner Thomsen and Stefan Weber


Series: Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus
Publisher: Aarhus University Press
440 pages ill.
Published 16. December 2005
ISBN 87 7934 215 9