Results from Excavations in 1990-93 and 2002

En del af serien Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus (9) og fagområdet Arkæologi

Recent excavations on the border between Jordan and Syria have uncovered ancient building ruins that provide interesting materials revealing the domestic and working lives of the people who settled within the valley of Tall al Fukhãr in Wadi ash-Shallale. The volume provides a detailed and thorough examination of the excavations conducted between 1990 and 2002. The Scandinavian expedition, located on a 375m natural spur, revealed a rare quantity of pottery, antiques and ancient building structures that provided archaeologists with an insight into the social, economic and material developments that emerged from the Early Bronze Age 3600 BC. Tall al-Fukhãr commemorates centuries of historical artefacts that document the alternations mankind made to improve living standards, constructing modern day life as we know it.

Volume I – Text

  • Chapter 1. Tall al Fukhãr
  • Chapter 2. 1990-93 – Area B
  • Chapter 3. 1990-93 – Area C and D
  • Chapter 4. 2002 – Area F
  • Chapter 5. Tables of Loci
  • Chapter 6. The pottery
  • Chapter 7. Basalt and Small Finds
  • Chapter 8. The Flints
  • Chapter 9. Results from Scientific Investigations
  • Chapter 10. The History and Significance of Tall al-Fukhãr

Volume II – Plates

Flemming Gorm Andersen, Pernille Bangsgaard, Louise Westergaard Jensen, Niels Levinsen, Niels Lynnerup, Patrick E. McGovern, Magnus Ottosson, Anders Rathman, John Strange og Heidi Mariendahl Underbjerg.

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Udgivet 3. august 2015
ISBN 978 87 7124 409 0